Welcome to New Ways to FitNESS.

New Ways to FitNESS was launched 17th November 2013 and provides:
Pilates mat classes, Circuit classes, and Infra Red Sauna (detox booth).
Classes are held in a private training studio in my home at Collinswood. 
First class is free as a trial, so why not come along and have a go?

Denise Ness is the  owner of New Ways to FitNESS and is committed in providing a quality fitness, health and well-being service to meet the need of each individual, regardless of age and fitness level.
Please check out the many services offered on my Programs page, also check out the affordable packages on the Pricing page. Please do not hesitate to contact me on (M) 0400 253 195 if you have any queries.
Bookings are essential!